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What Does Your Vehicle's Alternator Do?

Your car battery lasts far longer than either your phone or laptop battery. Why is that? We here at Fox Kia in Grand Rapids are here to tell you why your vehicle's alternator is the key to answering that question.

An alternator generates electricity when your car is on and driving. This electricity is then used to recharge your car battery so that it is able to start your car the next time you go out for a drive. Most automotive experts agree that an alternator can last upwards of 150,000 miles or up to seven years, whichever…
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Join us at the 20th Michigan International Auto Show

Discover what drives you at the 20th Michigan International Auto Show! Check out your next new car, car manufacturers from around the world will bring their finest traveling displays with new vehicles including sedans, vans, SUVs, trucks, hybrids, sports cars and more!

2018 Show Dates & Hours:
Thu, Feb 1: 11am-9:30pm
Fri, Feb 2: 11am-9:30pm
Sat, Feb 3: 10am-9:30pm
Sun, Feb 4: 10am-5pm

Click here for more info or to purchase tickets in…
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Trying To Save Money? Don't Skimp On Your Gas Tank This Winter

Although it’s tempting to only add the amount of gas you need, that is not a great practice for your gas tank. Especially during the winter months when temperatures fluctuate. Here are the important reasons that keeping your tank full through the winter months is vital to your car’s health and your spending budget.
  • Cars and trucks with fuel tanks filled below half tank tend to freeze, because of the air filled with water vapor.
  • The frozen water melts and enters the fuel line causing damage all the way to your engine.
  • Water that has mixed with the…
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Tires Inspected on a Regular Basis can Reduce Wear

The reason your car tires wear so fast and you are spending so much on new tires too frequently could be because you are not getting the tires inspected often enough. Here are just a few of the reason to get the car to Fox Kia so the team can properly rotate those tires and get you on your way.

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Are You Confused About 4WD and AWD?

At Fox Kia in Grand Rapids, we understand that 4-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive can sound pretty much the same. Don't worry about it. We're here to help you decide which option would be best for you.

The first thing that you have to look at when deciding which option would be best for you is to understand the weather that you would be driving in regularly.

Why Get a Car with a 4-Wheel Drive?

For starters, if you are living in climates where there's snow, then it would make much more sense to purchase a vehicle…
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Win tickets to see STOMP - Broadway Grand Rapids

Win a 4-Pack of Tickets to Stomp on Broadway
Fox Motors is a proud sponsor for Broadway Grand Rapids.  We have the opportunity to be giving away three 4-packs of tickets for the first 2018 performances!
Click the button below to enter to win tickets to one of three shows from January 18-20 in Grand Rapids. It takes less than a minute!
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Increase Visibility Using Winter Windshield Wiper Blades

Rain is normally not a huge problem for cars. Tires are well suited with good treading so they don't slip and slide on wet roads. Windshields are equipped with wipers that keep the window clear. But what about when the rain starts turning into snow or ice? Can your car still handle this? Fortunately, with very little maintenance, your car can be ready for the snow and ice during the winter.

You may want to take the time to have winter windshield wiper blades installed. Winter blades work hard to get rain off of your windshield just like normal…
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Why You Should Only use Wiper Fluid in Your Wiper Fluid Reservoir

People are always looking for ways to save money on just about everything. On some things, it's okay to cut corners and save a little money, but when it comes to your car, cutting back can lead to more spending in the long run.

It may seem that something as minor as windshield wiper fluid, could be omitted, watered down, or completely replaced with water without any consequences. However, replacing your wiper fluid with water, dish detergent, or other chemicals can damage your windshield washer system.

Washer fluid does more than just clean your windshield of dirt, grime, and…
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