Problems With Shocks and Struts

When you are driving on the streets of Grand Rapids, you are sure to encounter some rough pavement conditions. If your car has a good suspension, you won't have any problems. You will still have a comfortable ride. If your shocks and struts are bad, your ride may be less than pleasant.

When you start to experience problems with your shocks, struts or other suspension parts, you will notice certain symptoms. For instance, if your vehicle bounces up and down a lot after going over a small bump, that is an indication of a suspension problem. Leaking from a shock or strut assembly needs to be addressed right away. The shocks and struts can make a squeaking or grinding noise when they are defective.

If you believe that your vehicle is experiencing suspension problems, bring your car to Fox Kia in Grand Rapids. The service department will diagnose the problem and provide repairs as required.
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