Keeping a Closer Eye on Your Car Tires When the Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

By taking a more proactive approach to the health of the tires on your car, you will help to reduce the likelihood of serious issues if the tire pressure lights become illuminated.
  • During the winter, the cold weather can cause the tire pressure to drop in each tire, setting off the indicators.
  • During the summer, the heat can cause the pressure to actually increase in the tires and set off the indicators again.
  • Look to see if the tires have uneven wear spots, this is also an indication that the tires could fail at high speeds.
  • Make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary with the sidewalls of the tires. Never remove the obstruction on your own.
Be sure you start bringing the car to Fox Kia in Grand Rapids so our technicians can get eyes on your car tires and look for any signs of serious trouble if the pressure indicators are illuminated.
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