Stop throwing away your money on frequent oil changes

No longer do drivers have to fear that their engine components will be damaged by dirty oil. Many people are under the assumption that they still have to get their oil changed every 3000 miles and they are simply throwing their money away. Not only are they wasting money but they are also wasting oil.

There are many different oils that are on the market today, both conventional and synthetic oils, and both of these oils can increase the longevity of an engine's life while also increasing the amount of miles that can be put on an engine before then engine needs its oil serviced. Also, using synthetic oil instead of traditional oil will increase the life of an engine. These oils do not break down as readily as traditional oil. This means that a vehicle can go a longer distance without having its oil serviced.

If you are in the area, come down to Fox Kia in Grand Rapids and we can further dispel this myth.
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