Trying To Save Money? Don't Skimp On Your Gas Tank This Winter

Although it’s tempting to only add the amount of gas you need, that is not a great practice for your gas tank. Especially during the winter months when temperatures fluctuate. Here are the important reasons that keeping your tank full through the winter months is vital to your car’s health and your spending budget.
  • Cars and trucks with fuel tanks filled below half tank tend to freeze, because of the air filled with water vapor.
  • The frozen water melts and enters the fuel line causing damage all the way to your engine.
  • Water that has mixed with the gas can cause the fuel line to become blocked by ice, and prevent the car from starting.
  • Water existing in the gas tank can rust the internal gas reserve.
When in doubt, stop by Fox Kia in Grand Rapids and let our certified auto technicians advise you about the best way to maintain your car or trucks fuel system.
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