Is All Brake Fluid the Same?

Brake fluid is a highly compressible hydraulic oil that resists heat buildup. Brake fluid is responsible for moving brake parts within your car. Without brake fluid, you cannot stop your vehicle.

Brake fluid comes in two formulas. The oldest on the market is glycol based. Glycol formulas have worked well for decades. Today, glycol brake fluid is used in cars that do not have ABS braking systems.

The other type of brake fluid is silicon-based. The fluid has a slicker property than the glycol formulated braking fluid. The silicon-based braking fluid was developed for the ABS.

Once you have used a glycol braking fluid in your system, you cannot use a silicon-based braking fluid. The glycol will contaminate the silicone-based fluid and trigger a breakdown process. Heat will build in the fluid causing damage to brake parts.

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