DIY Touch-Up Paint – Easy as Pie!

Here in Grand Rapids, we hold practicality and frugality in high regard. When we can fix a problem ourselves, we tend to do so. Sometimes, though, problems seem like things we really can’t handle on our own, when in reality, they actually can. One such example is repairing scratches in an auto paint job. This is actually really easy, and is important to prevent rust and other issues.

The first thing to do is to clean sand the scratch with 220-grit sand paper, to remove contaminants. Use a hose to repeatedly wash it out as you do so. No need to sand it down completely.

If the scratch is deep enough to penetrate all layers of paint, now you must apply primer, and once it dries, sand it smooth with 600-grit paper. Be sure to not sand it away!

Next, mix your touch-up paint per instructions. Apply gingerly with a small brush, toothpick, or end of a matchstick. That’s all there is to it!

To learn more DIY techniques like this that can save time, money and grief, be visit us today at Fox Kia in Grand Rapids.




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