How Can You Tell if Your Fuel System is Failing?

Your vehicle's fuel pump is incredibly important. It ensures that your gas travels safely from your tank to the engine, and keeps your car running smoothly. Consequently, a failing fuel pump can cause quite a few problems and can end up being incredibly dangerous, especially if it fails on the road. So, what can you do to make sure that doesn't happen, and what are the signs of impending catastrophe?

There are quite a few ways to diagnose an upcoming fuel pump failure. High or low fuel pressure while your vehicle is running, a sputtering engine when you're going high speeds, or your vehicle struggling to climb uphill. All of these signs could mean a faulty pump. Other signs that your pump may be faulty include lower gas mileage than normal or abrupt surges forward.

A complete fuel pump failure will make it impossible to start your engine. While it will still rev and crank, it will be unable to catch. That's why it's important to bring your vehicle to Fox Kia in Grand Rapids if you notice any of these problems, or if you just need a checkup for your vehicle.
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