Why You Should Only use Wiper Fluid in Your Wiper Fluid Reservoir

People are always looking for ways to save money on just about everything. On some things, it's okay to cut corners and save a little money, but when it comes to your car, cutting back can lead to more spending in the long run.

It may seem that something as minor as windshield wiper fluid, could be omitted, watered down, or completely replaced with water without any consequences. However, replacing your wiper fluid with water, dish detergent, or other chemicals can damage your windshield washer system.

Washer fluid does more than just clean your windshield of dirt, grime, and other debris that collects on your windshield's surface; it also protects your washer fluid system from freezing in cold weather and added lubricants keep the systems mechanical parts running smoothly.

At Fox Kia in Grand Rapids, we want you to get the most out of your car for as long as possible, and we understand that all your fluids need to be topped off with the right fluids at all times. We can check your washer and other fluids and make sure that they are at the correct levels so you can get the most out of your car.
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