Tires Inspected on a Regular Basis can Reduce Wear

The reason your car tires wear so fast and you are spending so much on new tires too frequently could be because you are not getting the tires inspected often enough. Here are just a few of the reason to get the car to Fox Kia so the team can properly rotate those tires and get you on your way.

Getting the tires checked often will help to reduce uneven wear. If the mechanic spots patterns of wear, the tires are rotated in a way that balances out the wear and help to extend the life of the tires.

The trouble with not getting the tires checked often is that wear could result in the tire failing sooner than later. If this were to happen, you could void the warranty and be on the hook to buy new tires.

At Fox Kia, our service center will make sure your car is worked on as soon as we can, getting the work done quickly and professionally.

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