Increase Visibility Using Winter Windshield Wiper Blades

Rain is normally not a huge problem for cars. Tires are well suited with good treading so they don't slip and slide on wet roads. Windshields are equipped with wipers that keep the window clear. But what about when the rain starts turning into snow or ice? Can your car still handle this? Fortunately, with very little maintenance, your car can be ready for the snow and ice during the winter.

You may want to take the time to have winter windshield wiper blades installed. Winter blades work hard to get rain off of your windshield just like normal blades, but they also are designed to push off snow and ice. They can do this because they are made of a stronger rubber and don't tear during use.

If you want to see the big difference that winter blades can make, come visit us at Fox Kia in Grand Rapids and we will install a pair for you.
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